The annual Memorial Training Course, For Shihan Ray Wilson, Who called 'Yamai' at 2:45am on the 22nd February 2014 Saturday,  was held on10 February 2018 at 1.00 -4.00 pm; at the Hall attached to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church at 130 Cardigan Road, Chapel Fold Headingly Leeds LS6 1LU.
The Memorial Course was hosted by Gill Wilson, 6th Dan, also attending Peter Jones, and a number of senior NKA Dan grades. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Shihan Ray Wilson
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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Shihan Ray wilson, after fighting a a crippling disease for many months Shihan called 'Yamai' at 2:45am on the 22nd February 2014.
We all know that he touched many hearts over the 40 or so years at the Leeds Karate Centre and I remember fondly how he and the visiting sensei's such as Hirokazu Kanazawa demanded the highest discipline which separated us from other clubs and this translated into the many trophies won for the LKC.
There were the sighs on the rare occasions when Shihan couldn't make it for training because no other coach could motivate you like he could, we would always put in the extra percent for him.
On behalf of LKC we would like thank all those who attended The LKC Home at Cardigan Road Leeds and helped make a resounding success of the First Annual Shihan Ray Wilson Memorial Course on 28th February 2015, and the dinner afterwards...
This was a well attended event and it was good to see so many old friends, one or two back in a Gi for the first time (or maybe the second) in years...!
The event was hosted by Gill and senior LKC Dan grades, and had star guest appearances by Frank Perry 8th Dan, and Eugene Cordrington, former European and World Karate Champion.
Sensei Frank gave a very interesting course on breaking for beginners, including a talk on conditioning the hands and feet, followed up by some exercises that left us wincing and rubbing our knuckles.
At the end of his segment Sensei Frank gave us the opportunity the break some boards;
The Northern Karate Association is fortunate to have had as its head one of the country's most respected Karate exponents - Shihan Ray Wilson 8th Dan.
In a similar tradition to preceding Masters, Shihan Ray Wilson has extended his style and added techniques from other Martial Arts; together with a number of Association Kata's. His blend of Karate has proved extremely successful over the years, and produced a long list of champions both male and female, seniors and juniors including several Young Sports winners; at local, regional, national and international levels.
Shihan Ray Wilson Award
So successful has he been that in 1991 the Sports Council completed a hat-trick of awards naming him "Coach of the Year" for Yorkshire & Humberside. The British Institute of Sports Coaches awarded him "National Coach of the Year," and Leeds City Sports Council bestowed the "Service to Sport" award for outstanding service to sport in the city.