Welcome to the Leeds Karate Centre!


Karate is a fantastic way to keep fit, relieve stress and have fun.


We train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.00pm till 8.30 pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall Chapel Fold, Leeds LS6 3BJ the Hall is located next to the Co-Op on Cardigan Road. From the 14 May 2018 we will be changing location and training on Mondays and Fridays from 6.45 – 8.00 pm at St Chads Parish Centre. St Chad's is just off the Otley Road opposite the Three Horseshoes and Woodies.

No training on Friday 22June or Monday 25 June.


Check out our facebook page here to see upcoming lessons, courses and the latest news.

After a light warm up lessons usually include:

Basics – the fundamentals of karate! You will practise the various karate stances, punches and kicks.

Techniques development – this part of the class will always vary. Partner work, mit practise or advanced self-defence techniques such as sweeps could be practised. Check out our facebook page for upcoming lessons!

Kata – Karate has a series of set routines called Kata to help grasp the fundamental movements. While usually not applied in practise, these movements do have direct applications (and we call these Bunkai).

Kumite – Kumite, or sparing, is the most well-known of part of Karate. While it is enjoyable and builds reaction time and speed, kumite is fundamentally different from fighting. Kumite is controlled, usually slightly slower pace and partners are required to have respect and have excellent touch control (i.e. not to properly hit).


All adults welcome, no equipment or special clothes required, just wear comfortable clothes. As an added bonus the first lesson is absolutely free!